Supergirl Renewed….And Soaring over to CW!


Finally. After weeks of rumours following the show’s absence on CBS’ renewal listSupergirl has not only been renewed for a second season, but it’ll taking its talents over to the CW to join the rest of the Greg Berlanti produced DC television universe. That means Kara will be joining Barry Allen, Oliver Queen and their respective teams on a network much better suited for a number of reasons.

From a purely business standpoint, Supergirl’s ratings, while decent, were on the low end for a CBS show, coming in at around 2.5 Nielsen rating (including DVR) per week. Nothing to shake a stick at, but CBS has cancelled shows with better ratings before. At CW on the other hand, those numbers would make the show a bonafide hit. CBS just couldn’t justify spending the money (Supergirl was the most expensive freshman show) on a show with such modest numbers. So the move over to CW includes some budget cuts, but that’s not the fun part.


CW’s Flash already made the jump over to CBS to help Kara in one episode, that many assumed was a forgone conclusion, but now there won’t be nearly as many hoops to jump through. Supergirl will now firmly be in the same universe as Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Making all of our nerdy dreams come true. CW could very likely give us a better version of the Justice League then the one Warner Bros. is attempting to put into theaters, but that’s a story for another day. For now, let us all rejoice the Supergirl will still be on our TV screens, and at a much better home.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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