Wrasslin’ State of Mined: Reigns Has the Moral High Ground On RAW (May 2nd, 2016)

Ties That Bind

Man, it feels good to be baaaack. This may or may not be the new spot for all my wrasslin’ thoughts and musings, but I couldn’t stay away until a new home was settled on. Miss me? Nevermind. Let’s get down to business. Short, hot takes, like the worst flapjacks in the business. Speaking of…

I thought we were firmly in “Roman is a heel” territory? Now, it seems that WWE has seen fit to actually play on the shades of grey they spoke of so vehemently to kick off this “New Era”. All it took was the WWE Universe almost wholly rejecting Roman Reigns like a bad organ transplant for it to come to fruition. Now, WWE has one of the more interesting stories taking place weekly, based in one of the most relatable elements of life; family. No, Gallows and Anderson may not be AJ Styles’ real family, but they’ve done a great job of establishing their pre-WWE connections. Even mentioning New Japan Pro Wrestling on RAW numerous times. Placing Styles in ever compromising positions of having to choose just how far he’s willing to let his friends go to help him win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


Even better, Styles hasn’t exactly benefited from their assistance, and for the most part, Reigns comes out just slightly on top in these squabbles. Only because his help comes in at the last minute, whereas The Bullet Club instigates things. With an Extreme Rules match coming, these next couple of RAW meetups will be interesting, because now Styles has shown he may now be willing to go as far as Anderson and Gallows might like. But he’s gotta have a breaking point, right?

Sibling Rivalry


Another week, another reminder that Shane’s match at WrestleMania meant nothing. This time around, we were told that Daddy Vince would let us know who would be running Monday Night RAW going forward, between the prodigal son and the more than deserving daughter. And in an uninspired, but all too familiar move, the flagship show was given to both McMahon children.  Yes, Shane and Steph will both control RAW going forward. Not WWE, or a brand split. A show split. Which then lead to Stephanie shaking hands and kissing babies for the rest of the night in order to make herself more appealing. Like her brother. Will it work in the long run? Can’t tell, but this story needs something major, and something of consequence to happen. Shane hasn’t worn out his welcome, but he’s not exactly great at being the good guy face of authority, and watching them work out booking arrangement like two civil adults isn’t the most captivating TV.

Eternal Combat


At least we have the IC title picture, which just can’t shake indie darling, Sami Zayn. Even though he lost clean to Owens at Payback, he still came out on RAW to get his hands dirty. Effectively making Miz the least interesting part in his own title defense, and that’s saying something. Miz has been pretty good on the mic, and is absolutely killing it as the smarmy heel we want to see beaten. Between, Zayn, Ceasro, and Owens, the IC title picture is more compelling than its been in a long while. With many endings and splinters that could branch off to new feuds.

Alright, keeping it short for now. I like where things are going, mostly because I have no clue where things are going. The Styles/Reigns feud has a few extra players that can shake things up, and aside from a wonky PPV ending, the Women’s Division is giving the stars time to tell complete stories. This has been the IWC’s dream for a while, and it’s coming to fruition. Man, what a time indeed.

Aight, i’m outski. Hit me up on the twittah machine. Even if you disagree, I can send dismissive gifs, because, internet. Till Later…

Deuces Kiddos


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