Album Review – POGO: STAR CHARTS

Lost in the Cinematic Groove

About seven years ago, I was a college student looking to kill some time while not studying. Clicking links on various sites to assist me in my quest of procrastination, I came upon Pogo’s “Alice” mix, a not so simple re-edit of in film audio from the Disney classic, Alice in Wonderland. It’s a dreamy little track that matches the tone of the film perfectly. The “oh’s” and “ah’s” match the innocence of Alice’s voice. The track just works. Fast forward several years, and Pogo has made quite a name for himself, remixing not only Disney films, but any spare audio he can find. It’s that talent for existing sound and original tweaks that brings us Star Charts, a solid mix of samplers, sounds, and fury to ride through the beginning of the new year.

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