Rage, Carnage & Fury in the Latest Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer

MadMax_FR_Comicon_TrailerGive me this movie, NOW. Mad Max: Fury Road looks over the top, full throttle(man I hate that phrase, but it fits) and insane. I’ve always been a fan of the franchise, mostly the Road Warrior sequels, since the original never got much play on TV, but that world always interested me. Using the Australian outback as a setting for dystopian future full of car obsessed maniacs. It spoke to me, and also my lack of adult supervision.

We won’t get to see what Tom Hardy brings to the table until Summer 2015, but so far I like what I see. I think it’s especially cool that the character of Max hasn’t been the highlight in either of the trailers. They’re just bombarding us with the world around him. The carnage, the spectacle and the characters he’ll interact with. Hopefully saving some of his more bonkers exploits as a surprise for those who actually go to see the movie. Coming from series director, George Miller, it’s clear that the man knows his material and i’m glad he was kept on board. It also perplexes the hell out of me that he’s the same guy who brought us Happy Feet. Let that sink in folks.


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