EDM artist Giraffage is part of an emerging trend in production, where the use of pre-made samples is frowned upon. More and more artists are creating and cutting their own sound effects and phases. For some artists, this is a stretch, a task that pushes their creative limits. For other artists, like Kanye West, Hudson Mohawke, and Giraffage, this movement just adds layers to their already existing arsenal. What that means for No Reason, the newest EP from Giraffage, is that the sound we get is the same, but at no detriment to the music.

The opening track, “Hello,” is made up of various notification sounds. Different dial tones, bells, whistles, and phones ringing. Giraffage is able to tie in the sounds that remind you of contacting people you want to talk to, and make a song that pulls on those happy, longing emotions. The use of female vocals throughout, with the soft tones, are inviting and soothing. He also throws in just enough variety by flipping the vocals on their head, and using the exact opposite register, for the male companion on the other end of the phone. It’s a nice trick.

He uses a similar effect on “Tell Me.” A call and response recording that alternates the same phrases between two different voices. The track itself isn’t overshadowed by the vocal stylings. In fact, due to how busy Giraffage makes everything around the lyrics, they take a backseat to the more dynamic aspects like the key flourishes, the drops, and the synth lines. Every aspect takes place, but never distracts or makes the track feel crowded.

This is one of the more impressive aspects of No Reason, nothing feels out of place or over produced. Even while making remix tracks, or entire albums, for other artists, he is always sure to let the music speak for itself, and not crowd the songs with too many elements.

While infinitely dance-able, the best part of No Reason, as a whole and individually, is that the songs sound solid even without the various bells and whistles; the music just works. You won’t gain a newfound appreciation for instrumentation on No Reason; instead or composing and arranging live instruments, Giraffage took the time to create his own sounds that fit the music he’d already established. From the dance pop beats of “Chocolate,” to the synth and drops of “Anxiety,” No Reason gives you more than enough to enjoy.

Originally published on – (12/04/2014)


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