A Better Trailer for an Iffy Terminator Genisys Movie

Come with me if you want to limp along

First, there were the Entertainment Weekly photos. Then there was the motion poster, followed by the teaser for this trailer(because that’s what we do now). Finally, we have our first “real” look at Terminator: Gemisys, and it’s only slightly better than the dress up we’ve gotten so far.

terminator5onesheetAdmittedly, this has me a lot more interested in the film than any marketing that preceded it, but it’s still a little wonky in its execution. Kyle Reese is sent back in time to 1984 to stop a the Terminator for killing Sarah Connor, but it turns out that she’s already taken care of that and now he’s in an alternate timeline much like Back to the Future: Part IIIn the the Terminator: Genisys univers, Sarah has been raised by the Arnie-faced, T-800, and is a total badass, long before she was destined to be later. That’s a hook I can get behind. With these characters thrown into the mix of the 1984 original.

That said, it’s not the concept that bothers me, but what i’m seeing. An over abundance of CGI, especially on the aging Schwarzenegger, and a lot of hokey set pieces for the dystopian future. I LOVE the first two Terminator films, and much like the first two Alien  films, they work together because they are so different tonally. From tense sci-fi thriller, to action sequel, those transitions worked. This follows the dumb-tertainment path a little too far it seems. I can accept an over the top, ridiculous, action flick (I champion the Fast & Furious movies), but somethings rotten in Denmark. Maybe this franchise should be dipped into lava instead of strapped to studio life support.




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