At times dark and captivating, at other times droning and repetitive, Matias Aguayo has assembled four tracks of moody, and sometimes misanthropic EDM. The Legende EP is a short mix that quickly evokes dark cityscapes of ’80s sci-fi, and tows the line between leaving its mark, and overstaying its welcome.

By design, the tracks on the Legende EP are easily mixed and arranged into one another, or similar sounding songs. The opening track, “Runaway from the Sun,” has purposefully limited vocals that are very effective at adding a layer of atmosphere. The use of synth percussion and keys makes for a sound similar to Morse Code. A musical message to the people about Matias’ state of mind, but also about how they should proceed. It is after the final verse ends that the song begins a loop of sorts (a technique used throughout the EP) that can begin to grate, if not for the slight variances thrown in.

“Lola in the City” uses futuristic chimes that almost come off as hopeful, but once the bass drums and other layers begin to accompany them, a feeling of dread kicks in. You begin to lose the hopeful feeling from the beginning, and start to wonder if Lola is lost in this unfeeling, cold city somewhere in the not too distant future. “Lola” is followed by “Legende,” the more up-tempo of the four songs. Composed of a driving drum and synth loop, it is the soundtrack to an urgent arrival or pursuit. It fades in and out of a grand scale to a more subdued score, all without losing its sense of imminence.

The final track (not counting the instrumental for “Runaway from the Sun”) is “Walty.” If “Runaway from the Sun (Instrumental)” is the reprise, then “Walty” would be the closing credits. A haunting tune that stands alone, and encompasses enough elements from the other songs to bring you back on that journey. It is a very smart play on Aguayo’s part to use this song to wrap up the EP. There is a hum that tracks through the song, accompanied by light percussion, and the occasional synth line to add layers. It’s simple, yet effective.

The Legende EP suffers in the same way that other shortened EDM EPs suffer; the use of the party mix is evident, but the current product suffers. When a song has clear loops and sample sections, it can take away from the otherwise immerse nature of the music. Matias Aguayo’s Legende EP is a solid crop of dark EDM, but the deja vu that occurs is more than a little distracting.

Originally published on – (11/26/2014)


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