Full Jurassic World Trailer has Pratt Riding with Raptors

It’s a movie that some never thought they would see, but like a wise, black-laden doctor once said, “Life finds a way.” Jurassic World is set for a June, 2015 release, and after some stills and a 40 second teaser for the trailer was released a few days back(because that’s the world we live in now), the official trailer has made its way online.

jurassicworldThe two-minutes and forty seconds are sure to evoke any nostalgia you may have for the original trilogy of films. The opening of the gates to the park, the paradise-like island, and the shrieks and horror of the crowd as dinosaurs do what dinosaurs do. Turns out just bringing them back wasn’t enough, and Bryce Dallas Howard had to go and make a super dino, because that’s not the worst idea ever. FOR SCIENCE! Now it’s up to Chris Pratt to save the day before a whole lot of vacationers become somethings lunch.

I will be in line day one for this. I missed seeing the original Jurassic Park in theaters in 1994 for reasons beyond my control. And i’ve been trying to rectify that with every sequel since. I recognize they’re not that good, and the ending to The Lost World doesn’t make a lick of sense, but dinosaurs damnit! Jurassic World may be the mindless fun the genre was bound to turn into…hopefully.


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