Sons of Anarchy: “What a Piece of Work is Man” Review

Who else must pay the Jax Tax?

**Spoilers Below**

Well, the moment finally came. It’s hard to say that you couldn’t see it coming, and maybe that was the point. We were supposed to watch Bobby suffer, knowing full well he would not make it out of this situation alive. Jax has been double crossing, manipulating and planning at the expense of everyone he cares about. It hasn’t even been subtle at this point, and even Marks had to call him on it. Now Bobby is dead, the club is shaken to its core, and the only semblance of “success” lies with Juice killing Lin in prison. Remember when we used to root for Jax?

7x09-What-a-Piece-of-Work-Is-Man-Juice-sons-of-anarchy-37732337-1280-853Using a Hamlet quote as the title is a nice touch, and connects that depressing section of the play to our current situation. Things are truly dire for SAMCRO, somehow more so than they were even last week. Or the week before. At this point, watching this show is like reading Cormac McCarthy’s The Road; it just isn’t getting better for these people. What makes that frustrating from a viewer standpoint is no one within the club is saying anything about it. Yes, Chibs addressed the issues with Jax and his actions last week on the rooftop, but it may have been too little too late.

By the time Bobby’s body hit the floor, Marks was quick to remind him that this was all his fault. Which actually meant it was all Gemma’s fault. Since her lie(s) is what has set this whole bloody affair in motion. So, much like Jax, Gemma had to do her obligatory apology to a dead body that wouldn’t be in that position if it weren’t for her. And once again, the progressively more unstable Abel, heard yet another Gemma confession. Geesh, somebody put a bell on this kid. You know he’s off kilter, maybe he shouldn’t be left alone so much. It also doesn’t help that the setup for this confession was just like the last; something innocuous happens that grabs Wendy’s attention, then Abel goes a walkin’ . It feels forced.

The real highlight of this episode was the progression of Tara’s murder case, as Jarry poked a sizable hole in Gemma’s story. Looks like the guy she and Juice claim they saw leaving the house had an alibi for that night. That bit of information then got Jarry (via some pushing from Unser) to stop going along with Jax’s plan, and put Juice back in solitary. SAMCRO can’t catch a break on any front.

I will say, the best characters to watch and root for so far are Nero and Wendy. While they both have their past sins, they are also the most redeemable and least repugnant people to watch on a weekly basis. Wendy asking Jax “When will it end?” was a great scene, which was very close to Able asking if them going up to the cabin was because someone else died. Man, that kid is learning some harsh lessons for a five year old. Chief among them is that his dad is a complete idiot.

SOABobbyI know i’ve harped on this point before, but not it is more apt than ever. Lin and Marks haven’t really fallen for any of Jax’s plans since his initial transgressions. He’s well beyond quitting while he’s ahead. He just needs to let his team take this loss. As Marks pointed out, he didn’t want a way out, he was going to do what he was going to do and it cost him and the club dearly. At least Chibbs got to declare his real feelings for Jarry because of it. In front of Quinn…and on the hood of a car. Ain’t they romantic?

It’s always hard to lose an original character on shows like these, but Bobby just felt like another in a long line that is sure to get longer. Days are numbered all around. At least it finally feels like things are moving forward. It’s become evident that Jax won’t find out about Gemma and Tara until closer to the finale, but now we can at least see how that will come to fruition.

Score: B-


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