Sons of Anarchy: “The Separation of Crows” Review

Jax had his fingers in too many pies

Continuing with the trend of bad plans blowing up in his face, “The Separation of Crows” just added fuel to the raging inferno that is SAMCRO. The walls are closing in and more people are starting see cracks in his veneer. We also got more examples of the criminal mastermind spinning his wheels a lot slower than he should be, but hey, this show alternates between genius activity and pants wetting stupid within the same episodes. I can’t really start complaining now.

Sons of Anarchy - Episode 7.08 - The Separation of Crows - Promotional PhotosLet us not forget though, Jax’s string of stupidity is mostly Gemma’s fault. Far be it from me to place full blame on her, quite the contrary in fact. They both get to share in whatever comeuppance they get later. My beef is that Gemma has manipulated  everyone around her, and in the process, gotten her clearly grieving son to start a war with pretty much every foe they’ve ever had. And a few friends. “How could I not see this coming” Jax asked himself, and I’m pretty sure the collective TV audience screamed “we all did”. Of course we have the added benefit of watching other characters at work, but he had to know one of his plans were going to come back and bite the club. Again. This isn’t the first blow back SAMCRO has gotten. It wasn’t long ago that the house of ill-repute was lit up like a Christmas tree by the Chinese. Now Marks has had his way with some of Bobby’s internal organs (the eye counts as one right?). So Jax should have totally seen this coming, and now, because of him, Bobby will never see anything coming again. Depth perception and all that.

Jax has had the club fighting a losing battle from at least two fronts, and now, after Jury tried to tell Jax that while he wanted him all sorts of dead, he didn’t rat him out, Jax killed him.  Which means there’s still very much a leak in the SAMCRO dam AND he will have to answer to other clubs. He’s lost it, and his biggest problem, aside from taking Gemma at face value, was constantly thinking he was smarter than his adversaries. He’s been wrong at every turn.

Bobby isn’t the only one taking loses for Jax, Juice is in prison, which can’t end well, and his kids aren’t exactly safe. And not just from outside forces. Although, that message was creepy as hell. “No son is safe”. Able tried to cash in his Money in the Bank lunchbox on some poor kids head at school, and made Gemma sit through the indignity of having Courtney Love tell her that her grandson is mentally unstable. Oh, and they killed his mama bird. “Heard you brained a kid at school, i’ll be right back…again”. Jax is so full of fail this season.

chibbsSo with three other plans crumbling, watching Unser put two and two together about why Juice is locked away means a few things; he will uncover why Juice is doing all this, thus finding out Gemma killed Tara OR, he will get close and get got. Killed, for the uninitiated. Unser’s weakness has always been getting too close, and not being able to keep his mouth shut about it. Between him, and Nero’s five days to retirement speeches, these dude’s are on seriously borrowed time.

This episode was odd in that while it moved things forward, it still felt like a slog in a lot of ways. I blame that on the extra run-time, and stand by my past statements that every episode doesn’t have to be an hour and twenty minutes. At times we were just getting long shots of people staring out at nothing. Not a bad device, as I think cable TV can get away with silent contemplation in a way network can’t, but it shouldn’t feel like padding. Especially during a shows final season. “The Separation of Crows” saw the further crumbling of not only Jax, but the world around him. Bobby lost his fingers, Gemma lost her birds, and Jax’s once pristine white sneakers dripped with the blood of his allies by the end. I don’t think Carmelo Anthony would approve of such things. Either way, the club is paying for his sins, and judging by his talks with Chibs, I don’t know how much longer they will continue to do so.

Score: B


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