Final Mockingjay Trailer is Kick-Ass

…You burn with us

THIS is the Katniss I wanted to see. When The Hunger Games became the next big YA thing, I wasn’t exactly on board. I wasn’t the target demographic and Twilight left a horrible, glitter saturated taste in my mouth. But I one hurricane, and a heavily delayed flight later, i’d read the first book and was quite smitten. The first movie was good, albeit, a little undercooked and left out some of the sci-fi elements that intrigued me. The second movie, also solid, but did a lot of build-up to a fight we never see. All the cool stuff happens off screen for the most part. Mockingjay Part 1 on the other hand looks like it’s going full tilt. And I and all about it.

Watching Katniss finally grasp her role in the overthrow of the Capital is exciting. Hearing her scream “If we burn….you burn with us.” made me a believer. Oh, and Natalie Dormer is in this picture. Give me a side braid, and a bow; I’m on board for this one.


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