Extended Avengers: Age of Ultron Footage

EW1321-1322-Ultron_612x380With the leaked early release of the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer last week, Marvel’s plan to pair it with the October 28th episode of Agents of SHIELD was put on ice. But Marvel being pretty good at what the do had a back up plan. Tonight they unviled an extended version of the trailer, showing the team having some fun with Thor’s hammer…Phrasing.

In the short scene we see, Stark, Black Widow, Captain America, War Machine, Hawkeye, Maria Hill, and Thor all enjoying some down time, when the party is busted up by an early stage Ultron. It then goes into the creepy “No Strings” trailer that we all watched last week. So not too much more, but it was another excuse to watch the footage, and on the heels of Marvel’s MASSIVE Phase 3 announcements today, it only further whet our appetites for their particular brand of super hero goodness.

What do you think of the footage, good, meh, or it’s not Black Panther….There’s gonna be a Black Panther movie!!!!


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