Sons of Anarchy: “Greensleeves” Review

Always keep an eye out for trouble*


bobbyWhen we left off last week, there was a legitimate question as to how Jax and SAMCRO were going to handle the Juice situation. After being on the outs with the club for so long, he was finally in their clutches. Not only that, but he was holding on to some valuable information. Once again, the tension was quickly dissipated, when we saw SAMCRO give back Juice’s cut at the sight of JT’s death. Juice apologized and rode off, only to be followed by some members of the club. Turns out “Greensleeves” was crafting a layered story here.

Jax was actually using Juice as a pawn to kill Lin, and possibly earn his way back into SAMCRO. In an odd win/win situation for Jax; Juice succeeds and kills Lin or fails, and prison does him in. Either way, someone Jax doesn’t like is dead. Although, it may have just made more sense to have an Ariyan kill Lin on the inside since he has a little sway with them.

Sons of Anarchy has never been heralded for its subtlety, and “Greensleeves” was no exception (obvious by having a damn character named Greensleeves and having a montage based around the song). They’ve been “hinting” that all of the violence is finally taking its toll on poor, little Abel, and now he’s being sent home from school for fighting other students. He was described as being distant and withdrawn. I get that there are very realistic ramifications for a child living in this environment for so long, but it’s like Sutter in Co. don’t know how to deal in levels that aren’t homicidal maniac. Maybe they want to draw more connections to the cycle of violence that created Jax himself, who is now more Clay than he was JT at the outset. Keeping in mind this show started out as a morality tale, and a “good man” growing from rotten soil. But just going off the last couple seasons, Jax has been responsible for more death and heartache than Clay, and most of it wasn’t necessarily his fault. So to go full circle, he may have cursed his boy to be a rotten seed, and that seed now knows that his Grandmother offed his mom. Geesh Gemma, stop yammering on. Now that weird kid may off you….

Watching Gemma freak out as if Jax was going to have her killed was oddly fun. She knew that the club had Juice, but no idea what they knew. And the club’s general fear of Gemma kept them all trying to play stoneface, or in Happy’s case, normal. Yet for all of her concern, and undue stress to others, it was just his need for a mother’s touch to help with some deals and double-crosses. Ya know, typical SAMCRO stuff.

Screen-Shot-2014-10-15-at-8.33.20-PMAlso typical was having one characters actions gravely affect someone else. Gemma got people freaked out, so poor Bobby ended up making a drive alone where he should have had backup. So he was cornered, crashed, beaten and tortured by some of Marks’ men. Which also means yet another one of Jax’s plans completely blew up in his face. Probably due to his penchant for making things way more difficult than they need to be. Marks had his group deliver Bobby’s eye to the club in a box (What’s in the boooooox?) along with a tablet, which had video of the torture. Marks learned a lot from Pope, and sadistic behavior was definitely a lesson he took to heart.

Given the reactions of everyone involved, especially Chibs, the next episode is sure to be volatile. It’s too bad they spoiled some of the drama with the “next week on” segment(which I caught by accident), so we know the fate of a few key players. So while this episode had some strong moments, and I didn’t even touch on Nero’s escape plans, which put him right in “6 days to retirement” mode. “Greensleeves” pulled off a feat I would have thought impossible; it squeezed in too much AND got key moments right. It was uneven but fun. Well, not for Bobby.


Score: B


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