Gotham: “Viper” Review

Side effects may include Bone-itus

A hot new drug hit the streets of Gotham this week. And by hot new drug in the form of a tired TV trope. “Viper” did do more than a few things right for Gotham but it once again showed how the series needs to trim down on some of the story elements on a per episode basis. Now that some revelations have been made in regards to Wayne Enterprises and their possible involvement in the Wayne murder. We also got a subtle origin for one of the more famous Batman plot devices, with “Venom” being name dropped. “Viper” may not have had much in the shape of a villain of the week, but our normal players kept things interesting.

gotham105italianrestaurant7178hires2jpg-d7e608Gordon and Bullock were first on the scene as a homeless, street musician ripped an ATM out of the all and ran off with it. So we have the introduction of a power inducing element. Yay comic books! This opens the doors for other potential super powered villains. Not neccessarily super villains, but this at least makes that transition more plausible. I mean, once Potolsky releasing the drug into the ventalation system during the gala was quite villainous. Oh, and don’t forget the appearance on the giant screen. Dude pretty much wrote the playbook for future baddies.

Penguin just couldn’t leave well enough alone, and had to go and ruin the log con. Last week we saw him mastermind a pretty solid plan of expediting the Maroni/Falcone war by fighting from the inside. This week, he had to go and open his mouth, telling Maroni about his past and almost getting himself killed in the process. Gordon being kidnapped and interrogated was a fun setup, but it also highlighted that I didn’t really care much for the weekly bad guy story. I wanted to know more about what was going on in the gang war.

gotham105bridgeunderpass6178hires2jpg-6a6426Speaking of, now we know what Mooney’s weapon is; Liza tugging on Falcone’s heart…via Oedipus. Okay, maybe it’s nothing that creepy. He may have had a genuine love for his mom, and a woman that reminds him of a more human time in his life is a good thing. For Mooney anyway. The scene on the steps stripped him of all bravado. The man stumbled and stammered in a situation where he would usually be very sure of himself. Mooney is exposing weakness in a pretty cool way. Hopefully it pays off. Although, given the show so far, this can’t bode well for young Liza in any event.

“Viper” furthered the Gotham mythos in a few key ways, but the delivery in terms of story was more miss than hit. I find myself way more involved with the steady players than any side story presented, which is bad when those elements are forced upon us. At least now, the Wayne Enterprises angle gives a legitimate reason for Young Bruce to be around more, but they run a serious risk of giving him too many attributes that he shouldn’t have for at least another ten years. Crawl before you walk Gotham.


Score: C


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