Sons of Anarchy: “Some Strange Eruption” Review

Do it! Wait, don’t do it!

Whole lotta truth got dropped in this here episode of Sons of Anarchy. Not all of it on purpose, and not all of it listened to. While we may have thought the war was kicked off last week, “Some Strange Eruptions” put a full deck of cards on the table for many of the players, and also reveled that there may be a few more secrets to be revealed. This was a full steam ahead episode that took any semblance of safety from practically every character. And they all of Jax and Gemma to thank for their troubles.Some-Strange-Eruption-1

The fallout from the Diosa Norte massacre was immediate. SAMCRO rallied the troops and doubled down on their own safety. No one rode alone, and everyone checked in periodically. Everyone was on high alert, and the ever present danger wasn’t lost on the survivors. Lyla even openly asked why do people keep dying. That would be just one of many scenes that placed blame squarely on Jax’s shoulders. There was also the scene where Abel his baby brother, and a hammer to the garage and said he was protecting him. Gemma tried to assure the kid that he wasn’t going to get hurt, and he quickly shouted back “Everybody always gets hurt”. So subtlety was completely out in this episode. Thematically and overtly.

It was a little weird to see Jax so taken aback by his plans essentially falling apart, especially since, again, they spend a lot of time building up how calculating he can be, but he clearly wasn’t this time. He was holding all of the information, but hadn’t done enough to build good faith on his already shaky alliance with the Chinese. Just because he was telling people it wasn’t SAMCRO doesn’t mean he was telling the truth. The fact that Lin has been on him pretty much every step of the way is proof of that. Lin was done listening to the lies that SAMCRO was spewing, wondering why certain things were happening.

So SAMCRO met with Barosky and found out there was a possibility of information leaks, not that there needed to be one, but it did shine a Sons-of-Anarchy-7x05-2-850x560light on Barosky, as he was itching to shoot that dirty cop from the get go. Dude is clearly hiding something that’s sure to come out soon enough. Add him to the “good as dead” list.

New member of that list, the poor hotel employee that Juice irrigated because, in his paranoid head, he thought the Chinese had found him. Turned out, he just stayed in the room a day late, and it was the manager. Juice is no longer falling apart, dude is in pieces, and Gemma was ready to throw him out. Piling up bodies can bring unneeded attention, and she was done, and Juice was on to her little scheme pretty quickly. He knew she was lying about Nero helping right as she said it, and discovering lies is a running theme for this season.

We were left with a massive cliffhanger this time around. It’s a pretty safe bet that Juice didn’t shoot Gemma, but the scene played out well. The struggle for the gun, the crash, her begging for her life, and Juice calling out what he’d done for her. Gemma, at this point is an unredeemable character, so sympathy was not about to rain down from the TV heavens. BUT. As much as we want to see her die, this is Jax’s revenge. On the flip side, Jax doesn’t deserve anything. He’s just as bad at this point. Yes, it’s based off of her lies, but he’s done way more harm than good to the people around him with his blood lust.

The plan to rush ahead and kill Lin was good, and it made sense that Jax wouldn’t believe him as he said he had nothing to do with Tara’s death, but still, at that point why would he lie anyway? In the end, the real cops showed up, and put a stop to it, leaving Lin beaten but very much alive. Now Lin knows everything, and more people know about the lie Gemma told, which means it’s only a matter of time before people start to pick her story apart. So if Juice didn’t kill her, she’s still number one on the “Good as dead” list. Now somebody go give those kids a hug or something, because they’ve seen way too much, and the best role models they have are a former junkie and a pimp.

Score: B+


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