Rush Hour TV Pilot Ordered by CBS

This one went from rumor-mill to actuality pretty quickly. The CBS network has officially ordered a pilot for  the tv adaptation of Rush Hour. As of now, no stars are attached to the project but it will be produced by franchise director, Brett Ratner.

The show will follow the same premise of the films; a by the book Hong Kong detective is paired with a fast-talking Black officer from LA. rush hourNeither of which interested in a partner. Series star Jackie Chan recently discussed the chances of a Rush Hour 4, and this may be Warner Bros. response to the unlikelihood of another sequel.

Along with Brett Ratner, Scrubs and Cougar Town Co-Creators Bill Lawrence and Blake McCormick  will write and produce the pilot.

Rush Hour TV show isn’t that farfetched. The 1998 original was one of the highest grossing movies of that year, and spawned two commercially successful sequels. Also, CBS recently optioned to have a Beverly Hills Cop TV show produced starring Brandon T. Jackson, written by The Shield and Terriers creator, Shawn Ryan, which the network eventually passed on.

What do you think about a Rush Hour show on CBS? Potential or pass?


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