Space is the Place in New Interstellar Trailer

Christopher Nolan’s space epic….drama….opera??? Whatever. His secretive new space adventure (HA!) Interstellar is set to release in just overinterstellar a month (November 7th), and the marketing is going to ramp up. But with the shroud of secrecy around the film, most of the trailers so far have only hinted at what to really expect.

In the third and newest Interstellar trailer, we get a little more of what we already knew; Earth is dying, Matthew Mcconaughey and Anne Hathaway are going into deep space to find us a suitable replacement, and well, things get interesting.

See, that’s all I, or anyone can really say so far, because Nolan has been playing this one really close to the chest, even for him. All I can say with any certainty is that Interstellar looks good. Visually, it is stunning, and that’s just on various home options, not in IMAX (which is being heavily advertised). Waves the size of mountains, and deep space exploration; yup, count me in.


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