Sons of Anarchy: “Poor Little Lambs” Review

Best laid plans, and this wasn’t one of them…

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I’ve been saying, pretty adamantly, that Jax’s entire plan was terrible. That every subsequent plan was just another horrible Granny Smith that didn’t fall far from the suck tree. So in this fourth episode, “Poor Little Lambs”, things figuratively and literally blew up in the clubs collective face. And yet, there are still so many other bad things that could happen to SAMCRO.

This episode, in terms of story, started slow. Jax had SAMCRO run another side-quest for August to find the wife of the Pastor they’djuice_SOA accidentally killed earlier in the season. Wow, that was a lot. Since August needed his signature to finalize his development deal, and he was dead and buried off in the woods, Jax had to dig up the body, then find this dead guys wife. In the process, Tig gets shot and we got to see Venus Van Dam again, played by the ever entertaining Walton Goggins. A much appreciated appearance due to the love story it  (yup) that it’s spawning with Tig, but it did feel a little like the show spinning its wheels so that we wouldn’t notice that Jax still has no real reason to believe anything Gemma has told him about Tara’s murder.

Both Gemma and Juice continued their own personal “Losing My Grip” tours. It’s hard to say who is doing worse at this point. While Juice does appear to be the most outwardly broken, Gemma is on more of a self destructive path that will take anyone in the vicinity with her. In the scene where she dropped Able off to school, even the teacher realized that “Grandma was crazy”. A line expertly delivered by Courtney Love after Gemma went a little overboard with an impatient mother.

Juice on the other hand took a peak at Gemma’s setlist and has also taken to talking to himself. At least in Gemma’s case, she’s talking to the Tara(still crazy, I know), while Juice is just rattling off to no one in particular. He also lined up pretty much every gun he had on the dresser, leaving Unser to speak one of the many truth’s dropped in this episode; “this isn’t going to end well”.

I don’t know what it is about Juice, but something isn’t really resonating with me. All of the emotion is there, but I think i’m just done with him as a character. He had his chances and now he’s all mopey again. Either make a move or get the hell out, but don’t expect us to feel sorry for you. Which, could also be by design. So who knows, i’m just throwing things out there.

Nero finally told Gemma what we’ve all kind of noticed already, that Jax is more in it for the comfort of violence than avenging his dead wife. Hesons-anarchy-season-7-spoilers has always enjoyed “the life”, and when the stakes are high, he gets the greatest satisfaction. He may not have ever wanted the chair, but he never shied away from the mayhem. It’s another reason his plan was doomed to fail. He’s been playing like three sides against the middle. Pissing off everyone just to get back at Lin, and making mistakes in the process.

While the Sheriff Deputies getting shot at the drug deal wasn’t his fault, the survivor could easily point things back toward the club. Then there was the grenade at the doughnut shop. Luckily no one was hurt, and we got to see Chibs make his affections known for Jarry finally, but we also got to witness the aftermath of a massacre at the bordello. Lin and his guys are going right at SAMCRO now. No more games, no more lies. Lin is pissed and has sent multiple messages.

Now the walls are closing in and a lot of peoples lies are sure to be found out. We’re approaching that midway point where things get more than a little crazy. Last week I titled the review “War Were Declared”, I think I should have saved that one for this week.

Score: B


6 thoughts on “Sons of Anarchy: “Poor Little Lambs” Review”

    1. I don’t see it much different than a couple other ridiculous moments on this show, or this season for that matter (dragging the guy in the wheelchair). Also, grenade explosions are actually a lot smaller than people realize. Not an outright defense, just saying it’s plausible that they would get away with superficial injury.


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