Sons of Anarchy: “Playing With Monsters” Review

War Were Declared…

How are more bells not ringing for the rest of SAMCRO at this point? Or maybe they’re too close to the situation to fully realize how deep sons-of-anarchy-season-7-fxdown the rabbit hole Jax is leading them. It’s a deep hole, but instead of rabbits with a bad sense of time, they’re dealing with betrayed and homicidal gangs. All of them. By the end of this episode, Jax Teller has pissed off pretty much every gang in, or around Charming, and somehow still thinks this is a good idea. There wasn’t too much in terms of action, relatively speaking of course, but Sons of Anarchy gave us more than enough to chew on this week as we got to watch everyone’s favorite MC get into even more trouble.

I’m almost not even sure who Jax is supposed to be friends with at this point. Outside of the necessity of having at least one real ally that isn’t a member of SAMCRO with the Grim Bastards, they’re pissing a lot of people off, but even that feels shaky due to the Sons having them commit more than a few crimes while pretending to be the One Niners. Jax’s entire plan falls apart if even one cooler head prevails in the war that he’s ignited, and Lin somehow talks to August.

Unser continues to run into obstalces with his investigation into Tara’s murder, mostly because the people he’s using as his eyes and ears are the ones who actually committed the murder in the first place. Both Juice and Gemma are dead set on making sure NO ONE finds out about what they’ve done, and that can only remain peaceful for so long. Eventually bodies are going to have to drop, so Unser, we liked you, but you’ve been too much of a sucker for Gemma for this to end well. sons-anarchy-season-7-spoilers

Speaking of suckers, Juice is a damned fool for thinking he could push his sorrows onto Chibs again and get the same reaction he did after he tried to kill himself a couple seasons back. While Chibs openly telling Juice to put that gun in his mouth was cold, and angry, it was also filled with hurt. Those two always had a strong relationship, made all the stronger after Juice’s first suicide attempt. Chibs clearly feels betrayed on a personal level. What happens next between those two will be interesting, which means their days are also numbered, which is a shame for Chibs since it looks like he may have found himself a somebody.

Our favorite Scot is really hitting it off with the new sheriff. Jarry seemed pretty smitten with the boy with the Chelsea Grin, and both of their interactions this episode were cute and as cuddly as this show can get. Ya know, comparing scars beneath an underpass while accepting bribes. Romance.

Sheriff Jarry so far seems like less of a pushover than Unser, and recognizes how much of an ally SAMCRO can be, but also how perilous the arrangement is. This is another instance where it’s hard to tell who is playing whom here. Of course SAMCRO wants the law in their pocket going forward with this plan, but the law could also be building a case against the club. Again, it’s not like this is the most well thought out endeavor, as we officially have two major players who are key to it. Jury is now fully aware that SAMCRO killed his guys, and it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out. It’s not like Bobby to go along with a rash decision like that without getting all the info first, at least to make sure it didn’t fall back on the club, but here we are.

All of that, and I didn’t even touch on Gemma still talking to Ghost Tara, or Nero falling back in with the gangbangers. You were out of the game Nero! Watching so many fall from grace and humanity is a great direction to send this final season. The writers are doing a nice job of making others deserve the death we all know they’re going to get, and maybe give us some red herrings as well. I mean, Nero is totally gonna get got too, but he’s one of the few I think doesn’t deserve it. Jax used to be on that short list, but being Gemma’s puppet on top of putting out these fires with moonshine is turning him into a straight up villain. Our boy is going full-Heisenberg, and he doesn’t even know it.

"You know you can't trust me, right"
“You know you can’t trust me, right”

Score: B


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