Album Review: Electric Wire Hustle: Love Can Prevail

Someone needs to do the world a favor and give Robin Thicke this album. Love Can Prevail is what a “get back together” album should be, not the audio mess that Thicke released earlier this year. The New Zealand duo, Electric Wire Hustle channeled all of the soul they could muster for this album. Every track drips with emotion, but never feels sappy. Love Can Prevail captures the raw emotion, passion, and confusion of a love on the edge of total loss.

Musically Love Can Prevail is all over the place, but in the best possible way. It fits thematically with the disorientation that comes with losing a relationship. The loss of emotional consistency is sprinkled throughout the album with little touches to vocal cadence, tone changes mid-song, and instrument choice. “If These Are The Last Days” uses off timed drums and ticking sound effects in great way. The vocal harmonies work so well together juxtaposed to the unease created by the music itself.

“Loveless” is a more traditional soul song, with twangy guitars, and jazz drum accompaniment. The chorus almost begs for forgiveness and acknowledgement; “You can call me up, you can call me out, but please don’t call me loveless.” There is something to be said for the simplicity and directness of the line. Pleading with the person you still love for at least some recognition of your credibility.

“By & Bye” pairs African drums with electronic percussion and piano for a neo-soul feel. The wide berth of instrumentation being used is staggering, if only because it all gels so seamlessly. Electric Wire Hustle did a great job on the production. Nothing seems out of place or forced. Whether a song swings to one end of the electronic spectrum or back into straight R&B territory.

Love Can Prevail is an unabashed love album that somehow takes you through the full gamut of emotions all bound take place during a break up. From the moment you can’t be without someone, to the realization that you just may be okay. It even accounts for the relapse that may, or will occur. I wouldn’t say listen to this album if you’re trying to get over someone, but it’s definitely worth a spin once you’re already there. Otherwise you could make some regrettable phone calls in the middle of the night.

Originally published (09/23/2014)


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