Community Picked Up for 6th Season


commposterwesternfnljpg-a29c17_960wAt the last possible moment (cast contracts expired on June 30th), Community was “saved” and is poised to air on the Yahoo Screen streaming service. Sony Pictures Television was able to reach a deal for 13 episodes to air this fall, with most of the cast  in tact (full details not disclosed as of yet).

For years, the meta-joke of  “six seasons and a movie” became a calling card for Community fans, and creators alike. The show always had a small but loyal following, and was always on the cancellation bubble. This is why each season finale felt like it was the last in the series. The only thing keeping it around was the fact that NBC was doing terribly in ratings all around. Even their “hit” shows like 30 Rock and Parks & Rec barely did any better by comparison.

So, we can all rejoice that our Greendale Gang will be back together for at least one more go of things. Now, let’s all go and find out what the hell Yahoo Screen is so we can give them some money.


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