New TMNT Trailer Shows Turtles…Looks Good

“So, they’re aliens?”

“No, that’s stupid. They’re turtles…”TMNT Still

Look, much has been said about the TMNT reboot hitting theaters this August. The first couple of trailers were teasers, yes, but they still felt like they were lacking. Of course they didn’t want to fully reveal the fearsome foursome, but the films felt dour and dark for the sake of being dark. Something the franchise as a whole hasn’t been in over 20 years. Sorry fellow 20 somethings, but even the turtles you love and remember were goofy, fun-time guys. This latest trailer though, does something that 2 years of speculation, and 2 teasers hasn’t been able to accomplish; it makes this movie look good.

When costumes, toys, and concept art were “leaking” people were in an uproar. Then the teasers dropped, and there wasn’t much turtle action. It felt like standard Michael Bay fair. Which is bad because he’s only producing, so Jonathan Liebesman is working out of a perceived hole already. THIS trailer is ALL ABOUT TURTLES, which also gives away a fair amount of plot, but somehow I don’t care about that. It’s pulling off the oh so hard “we’re showing you what’s gonna happen, but making you want to see more” trick that a lot of trailers seem to fail at.

Does it look perfect? Not at all. The Foot is basically a terrorist group with guns and bombs, meaning a lot of the action will be turtles getting shot at from a distance until they get the advantage. Eh. Also, Raphael seems to have some sort of “blackcent” that is standard for a Bay production. On the other hand, Shredder is made of knives.  TMNT, against all odds, could be a good summer flick, and this trailer just may have just sold a lot of people.


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