The Purge: Anarchy Trailer 2, The Purgening

the-purge-anarchy-god-face.jpgIf you’d have told me that a movie with the concept of all crime being legal for one day would be one of the most boring sci-fi experiences in the past five years, i’d have laughed at you. “How could that be boring?” I would have said. Well, when you take that concept and make it a paint-by-numbers, home invasion flick. Add in an unlikable family lead by Ethan Hawke and well, you get The Purge. 

It’s sequel, The Purge: Anarchy, which is sure to the be first of many because damnit all the original made money, looks to expand the scope a bit. Good move. It also looks like our main character, played by Frank Grillo is out for vengeance. Another good move. The Purge: Anarchy at its root looks like someone entered the riot code in a GTA game. All good things, so why am I so apprehensive about a movie that’s 3-for-3 on “good things”? Because the first one was so bad, and was also tipping my “good thing-o-meter”. Anarchy could totally be front loading these trailers with all the best imagery and what will be left is nothing more than shades of daring execution of a good concept. The “rich folk hunt for sport” trope gets old really quick. Especially when SO MANY other terrible things could be going down that night. Ah well. Here’s hoping the series figures itself out, because even if it get’s so bad it’s good, that’s better than boring.


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