Batman vs Superman Gets Official Title…It Sucks

batmansupermanbigEver since it was rumored that Batman was going to appear in the Man of Steel sequel, we all just kind of agreed that it will be called “Batman vs. Superman”. For the past eight months, we collectively settled on that, knowing that the studio would more than likely call it something else, especially as the new started to trickle out, and it became obvious that this was going to be a Justice League prequel in disguise. Well, it appears are dreams and nightmares have come to fruition as the official title of the superhero team up is now Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Dawn of Justice firmly puts it in prequel territory, if there were any lingering doubts, but it’s also clunky as all hell. It’s a nothing phrase that feels tacked on. Why even have a subtitle on Batman vs Superman? Those names will put asses in seats with no problem, yet someone, somewhere had to feel like the smartest guy in the room.

Can we all just agree to call it Batman vs. Superman and ignore the last part like we did with The First Avenger?


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