24: Live Another Day, Recap- 2:00pm-3:00pm

[**SPOILERS AHEAD**]24LiveAnotherDay-jpg

Well Jack has gone and done it now. Carrying out his plan B from last week, he’s found himself boxed in on all sides as he tried to get the necessary information on the drone attacks. After a couple of action packed, frantically paced hours, 24 went claustrophobic with this episode. Since Kate and Ritter know for a fact that Jack is in the Embassy, they immediately alerted the Marines in the building, stacking the deck heavily against our hero. It felt just like old times.

What made the first half of this episode so entertaining was how quickly and easily Jack worked his way to Tanner, who was held in an interrogation room. Embassy security needs a full overhaul if a guy can work his way that deep into the building with no issue. Once Jack was able to earn Tanner’s trust, not that Tanner had many options as Jack pointed out, the episode went into lockdown mode. Getting into the building was no problem, but Chloe couldn’t find Jack an out. Despite all his rage, and all that.

Back over with the family Heller, all of Boudreu’s well laid plans blew up in his face. Firstly, President Heller somehow won over Parliament with his speech. So even after they were ready to have his head, he received a somewhat 80’s-tastic slow clap. Then both the President and Audrey were finally made aware of Jack’s presence which meant Boudreu had to answer for holding back information. To top it all off, he then threw a bit of a tantrum at Navarro and his team for not catching Jack BEFORE he got into the embassy. I like what they’re doing with Boudreu. Yes, he’s being a bit of a sneak right now but his motivation is very clear, for now.

vlcsnap-2014-05-21-02h42m17s172From one barely functional family to a family held together with crazy and duct tape; Naveed you silly man. You know your lady has hereditary crazy eyes, telling her your “I want out” speech was a terrible idea. Of course, it was made worse because Simone is damn near impossible to get a read on. I don’t even want to know what it was like to date her, let alone ask her to marry. I can only assume he did it in a public place, lest she decided to get stabby.

Anyway, Simone told mommy dearest, and as expected she didn’t take it well. 24 pulled a good swerve here as I was sure Naveed was about to have more than a couple major organs replaced with bombs. Instead, Margot showed just how far she’s willing to go in order to get things done. Having her goons hold her own daughter down and well, let’s just say Simone may want to invest in a diverse glove collection.
vlcsnap-2014-05-21-02h43m12s214Watching Jack spin so many plates by the end of this episode was dizzying. Yes, we all knew Jack would make it out of that room mostly ok, but we had no idea how. The Marines were ready to kill, especially after Jack had already shot two of them to buy time (square in the vest as Kate pointed out). His conversation with President Heller was great and layered. The show of respect on both sides, even while acknowledging that this situation could easily get out of hand. Also, Jack saying he knew the protesters were fine because he’s the one that pulled the trigger was classic Bauer.

Thanks to Kate, Jack is “safely” in CIA custody, and she as the flight key so maybe Tanner will finally be more than a stand still plot device. As seemingly tight as this episode ended, it’s safe to assume another show is going to drop in the next hour; the reveal of another baddie, maybe an allegiance change. In any case, 24 is firing on all cylinders so far.


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