New TRANSFORMER 4 Trailer Shows Off More Transformerness


At this point, I can’t even be mad at Michael Bay anymore for making these things. Not only does the studio back up a Brinks fleet to the man’s house, but people keep going to see them. The last Transformers 4: Age of Extinction trailer did make the movie look “good”, but this one goes back to status quo juuuust a bit. Then we get more shots of Optimus Prime riding a DinoBot and my inner child freaks right the hell out.

The Transformers themselves have been in hiding this time around, with the nation/world at large a little more than pissed at how the left Chicago in shambles by the end of Dark of the Moon. With robots being hunted down, and what may be a new threat looming from another world, Optimus and the gang will also be taking on human foes alongside Mark “Say hi to your mother for me” Whalberg and his family. At least that’s what we get from these trailers, they’ve kept the official story tight lipped so far.

This is the first Transformers in to be released in the post-Pacific Rim world, so there is no excuse for us not to be able to distinguish these damn robots apart. Aside from Optimus, they all look like lights and clockwork. And they’re making me quote I, Robot. Damn them All. Also, did I see a robo-beard?

I want this to be as good as Optimus Prime riding Grimlock looks, but Bay and Co. has burned us three other times. Well, maybe two. The first one of these isn’t all that bad….See that’s how they get ya.



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