CW Releases Extended Trailer for THE FLASH

flash12f-1-webThe CW is going for the 1,2 Punch here;  less than a day after giving audiences their first peak of The Flash in motion, they’ve released a 5 minute trailer that  lays out what appears to be the pilot episode.

Clearly it has the familiar CW look and awkwardness that has come with almost every superhero show since Smallville, but what it has that most other superhero shows don’t is that Barry/The Flash really looks like he’s having a good time being a city savior. Of course, to be a city savior he needs some baddies to fight, and they explain that the same event that granted Barry his speediness has granted other citizens, referred to as meta-humans, powers as well.

With all the success Arrow is having, things look promising for The Flash this fall. As an added show of support, it’s being paired with CW powerhouse Supernatural on the same night. This time next year, there will be an onslaught of comic/superhero TV shows for us to watch. Do you think The Flash has what it takes to stand out from the rest of the pack? For better or worse?



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