Batman Revealed next to New Batmobile

Well that didn’t take long.

Just a day after the sneak peak Zack Snyder gave us yesterday, and true to his word of “maybe tomorrow”, he has also tweeted out a picture of Ben Affleck in full Batman costume standing next to the new Batmobile design.

First, The Batmobile. Getting a better look at the front, we’re getting a much more industrial design here. Still, it shows the clear inspiration and melding of the two different generations of Batman films we’ve gotten over the past twenty years.

The next surprise was the actual costume reveal of Batman himself. From what we do know about the version of Batman to be depicted in the still untitled Man of Steel sequel, he will be an older more seasoned Dark Knight. The costume reflects that, as it is clearly inspired by 1986’s The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel by Frank Miller. Stubby ears, bulky build, and what appears to be a matte color scheme. This costume, and Affleck in it, looks good so far.

We still have a long time before this movie comes out, do you think we’ll get more reveals soon, or was this Snyder and company getting out in front of skeptics after the hellfire that was the Affleck/Batman announcement? The movie isn’t slated for release until May, 2016. Plenty of time for slow costume reveals.

What do you fine folk think?Batmanpic


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