Fantastic Four News: Sue and Johnny have a Black Dad

Reg E. Cathey
Reg E. Cathey

A few months back, the internet lost its collective shit when it was announced that Michael B. Jordan would be cast as Johnny Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot. With Kate Mara cast as Sue Storm, and the Fantastic Four as a whole having always been depicted as White, the question was “Is Johnny an adopted brother?” Turns out Sue may be the adopted sibling, with The Wire alum, Reg E. Cathey being cast as their father, Franklin Storm. Looks like FOX is taking the “if the people don’t like it, throw guys from The Wire in it” approach, as both Cathey and Jordan had recurring roles on the critically acclaimed series.


There is also more recent crossover as Cathey and Kate Mara have both been on the hit Netflix series House of Cards, Cathey as Frank Underwood’s “Rib man”, Reggie.



I still contest that Sue and Johnny could be the children of an interracial couple, but adoption could still be an answer. Now, will people be able to “handle” a Black family adopting a White child as easily as they would accept a White family taking in a Black child? We’ll find out soon enough but internet racists now have another reason to get their tighty whiteys in a bunch, which puts a smile on my face. I’m all for casting strong actors, regardless of race. Reg E. Cathey joins Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell and Miles Teller in superhero flick about Marvels “First Family”.


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