Community: #SixSeasonsAndAMovie


If you’re a fan of NBC sitcom, Community(AS YOU SHOULD BE), then you may have noticed a series of mock posters making their way around the internet. The latest of which exclusive to IGN with the title “October the 19th”, after the delayed season premier from last year.  “Six seasons and a movie!” has been a bit of a rally cry for Community fans since Abed coined the phrase in season 2, about his beloved show The Cape. Unfortunately, this is a stressful time of year for Community and its fans as NBC has not yet renewed the cult show in what has become a bit of a depressing tradition.


With network up-fronts coming soon (An exhibit put on by the major networks where they reveal their upcoming TV schedule for the year), Community producers SONY, cast and crew have gone on the offensive, tweeting out #sixseasonsandamovie with accompanying posters. Even friends of the show have gotten in on the gag with Nathan Fillion tweeting out a mock poster as well.


Will this work to get NBC’s attention and bring Community back for a sixth season? No idea. What tends to get a networks attention is ratings, flat out ratings, an area in which Community has never excelled. In fact, the only reason Community has even lasted this long is because NBC has been doing so horribly on all fronts that Community was one of few shows that had a small but loyal following. Add to that a critical and comical return to form after series creator; Dan Harmon was brought back after the less than stellar season four and some of the highest ratings the show has ever gotten. As a fan of the series, I hope NBC renews, and if this is the final lap for the little show that could, I want Harmon and Company are able to end it the right way. Which, if history serves will be something weird and meta. Just how us Community fans like it. #SIXSEASONSANDAMOVIE



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