Boondock Season 4 Premiere Review

vlcsnap-2014-04-23-15h35m17s15After an almost four year hiatus (the season 3 finale aired in August, 2010) controversial Adult Swim show The Boondocks returned Monday night. This season came with a few surprises; first of which was the premiere itself as Adult Swim had been pretty quiet about the award winning comedy, only recently advertising that a fourth season would occur. The second surprise was that series creator; Aaron McGruder would not be part of the proceedings. Due to behind-the-scenes disputes with Adult Swim over production schedules, the fourth season was produced without McGruder. Many fans wondered what affect, if any, this would have on the quality of the show. Well, after watching the first episode I would say, not that much.

I have long been a fan of The Boondocks, and I will admit that while I love the show, it hasn’t always been the best satire out there. It was the space between seasons that gave many a chance to fully take in what was being presented, and while the show was sharp more often than not, it wasn’t perfect. Season four premiere “Pretty Boy Flizzy” may be remembered as one of the mid-tier levels of the show. At times hilarious, but others a little too on the nose with its references. The portrayal of young star Pretty Boy Flizzy, a clear Chris Brown reference, makes me miss the early days where they just called out a celebrity by name (“The Trial of R. Kelly”, “…Or Die Tryin’”) but it was still a strong outing without the original captain of the ship, and you can’t blame the writers for not wanting to be sued, again.


vlcsnap-2014-04-23-15h33m23s150Again focusing on the boring marriage between Tom and Sarah DuBois, and interjecting a young R&B star to the mix much like the past episode “Tom, Sarah and Usher”, we find Sarah calling out her ever so stale husband for being too much of a pushover. After a night spent sleeping on the Freeman’s front step, he is approached by R&B star, Flizzy to clear his name of a liquor store robbery. Flizzy finds out about Tom’s marriage woes, and hilarity ensues.

This episode will undoubtedly create many quoatables among fans with lines like “I swear on my abs” or Flizzy describing Nikki Minaj as a robot sent from the future to kill him. The only major issue being that we have seen this story play out before, but I guess actually fighting a man for your wife makes way more of an impression than getting stomped out by Usher and his guards.


Once again, this is rumored to be the final season of The Boondocks. I’m taking that with a grain of salt since the same was said about season three. It’s hard to tell how much a lack of McGruder will play, especially since he is a credited writer on a few episodes (which could have been re-written later), but as it stands, I enjoyed what I saw. If you’re a fan of the show give it a shot. I swear on my abs it’s totally worth it.


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