Sharknado 2 Premiere Date


Sharknado Poster

Well internet, I blame you for this. See, last year the SyFy channel got really self-aware and gave use the original Sharknado. We laughed, we tweeted, and we made it an event. Even as far as “so bad it’s good” movies go, it wasn’t even that great, but grandma knew about it, and since SyFy likes money, we’re getting another one. Premiering on July 30th (a day before my birthday), Sharknado II: The Second One will be gracing us with their presence. The sequel seems to have tongue firmly in cheek with a cast list that reads like some sort of D-List backyard BBQ including Tara Reid, Vivica A. Fox, and Andy Dick. Yeah.  Saddest part being, you can’t tell if these are cameos or legit parts. Either way, sharks will be flying around NYC for our “enjoyment”.





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