Sharknado 2 Premiere Date


Sharknado Poster

Well internet, I blame you for this. See, last year the SyFy channel got really self-aware and gave use the original Sharknado. We laughed, we tweeted, and we made it an event. Even as far as “so bad it’s good” movies go, it wasn’t even that great, but grandma knew about it, and since SyFy likes money, we’re getting another one. Premiering on July 30th (a day before my birthday), Sharknado II: The Second One will be gracing us with their presence. The sequel seems to have tongue firmly in cheek with a cast list that reads like some sort of D-List backyard BBQ including Tara Reid, Vivica A. Fox, and Andy Dick. Yeah.  Saddest part being, you can’t tell if these are cameos or legit parts. Either way, sharks will be flying around NYC for our “enjoyment”.





Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teaser

“…Don’t freak out”


In either a case of marketing genius or pure irony, the final words in the long awaited teaser for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, are almost trying to calm the internet backlash. The teaser is all but confirmed to be in front of Captain America: Winter Soldier, but I guess PR folk knew a leak was bound to happen and got in front of it. Being the MASSIVE TMNT fan that I am, of course I’m freaking out just a little bit. If only because I hadn’t fully come to terms with what a Ninja Turtle movie by Michael Bay would look like, and sure enough this is it. Bay might not have had the Director’s chair on this one, but it’s got his hands all over it so far. Angled shots into smoke/fog, military/tactical gear aplenty, and Megan Fox (reunited and it feels so good). I will say this much, the turtles don’t look bad, just a bit weird. Can’t get over the lips, and they spent a good amount on facial capture, so just in that bit they’re a little all over the uncanny valley. Ah well, my ass will be in a theater seat somewhere come August to see Gang Green in action.



What do you guys think?

Foster the People- Supermodel Review

Foster the People


Coming out three years after their debut album Torches, Foster the People have released Supermodel. Twelve tracks of what I would call “introspective-electropop”. Not entirely sure if that makes sense even to me, but after what was one of my favorite albums of 2011, Supermodel plays as if it’s trying to differentiate itself but using the same tools as last time. It’s hard to talk about Supermodel  in a vacuum, wanting to give credit to the new music without constantly comparing it to Torches, but since Foster the People only have the one album to go off of as a body of work, it’s the only bouncing off point. Supermodel isn’t so drastically different that you can just ignore the previous album, and in truth, it’s hard to pull that off. I can only think of one band right away (Brand New) that sounds sonically and tonally different album to album yet remain consistent. So should you listen to Supermodel? Yes.

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Reel Sports – Seabiscuit

The 2003 film Seabiscuit, starring Tobey Maguire, Jeff Bridges and Chris Cooper, tells the tale of three men, all damaged in different ways during the Great Depression who bond together while training an underdog horse that would captivate America, and rebuild all three men in the process.

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