Album Review – Edamame: Lawndale

Don’t Wake Me Just Yet

If you’re a fan of chill beats, then you owe a massive thank you to one Ed Harris. No, not the actor from great films such as The Rock, Enemy at the Gates and The Abyss. No, we’re talking about the Chicago, IL producer with an ear for enchantment. His latest LP, Lawndale is an hour long dreamscape, filled with flutters and drums that somehow come together in a mixture that seems more fantasy than reality.

The opening track, “Night Chirps” slowly builds on a slight, pulsing bass. Then, with each added instrument, it paints a picture that you can’t help but get lost in. Imagine the musical equivalent of a Bob Ross painting. The same could be said for most of the tracks on the 10-song outing.

There is a consistently uniform sound taking place on Lawndale, due to the tight production from Edamame himself. It’s easy for most electronic DJ’s to have a schizophrenic sound that bounces from theme to theme, never truly creating a through line for the whole project. Edamame was able to circumvent that issue completely, even when songs seems to be outside the frame, such as the single “What You’re Implying”, which feels more like a R&B track than electronic trance, he still utilizes the same instrumentation and sound, keeping the entire album in one connective tissue.

If there is one gripe with Lawndale, it’s that some of the tracks can seemingly overstay their welcome. Shaving off fifteen to thirty seconds here or there could have made things more succinct, but even that is up to the listener to decide. After a few listens, you’ll know when to say goodbye to which songs. At any rate, Lawndale is one of the most bombastic yet relaxing albums I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in a long time. The marriage of seemingly unrelated sounds that create something truly different and special make this album worth listening to, even if it isn’t your cup of tea. You may find out you like this particular flavor.

Originally published on – (09/26/2014)


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