Short Mineded: Not Like The Other


A newly acquired, or should I say a newly noticed pet peeve of mine is when people make the judgment of something being bad or terrible just because they may not like it. It really came to my attention while I was telling someone about a show I didn’t like. For the sake of conversation and because this is the show we were talking about, let’s call it “Glee”. This person then felt the need to go on a rant about how great Glee is, and how I don’t get it because I didn’t understand theater or my male point of view kept me for enjoying an otherwise awesome show. After a good sarcastic chuckle, I informed them that my many years in Glee Club, musical theater and general love of show tunes gave me all the tools needed to like Glee. Problem is, the show just doesn’t do it for me. Can the cast sing? Yes. Are the episodes funny? For the most part, but the sum of the parts don’t add up for me. What they missed out on was that I never said the show was bad, I just said I didn’t like it.

Our human need to justify any and everything has led to this line in the sand sort of thinking. The “if I don’t like it, it must suck” approach. I’ll be honest and admit, I’ve done and still do it from time to time. I’m also going to point out that I can pretty much catch onto it while it’s happening and adjust this train of thought before it derails. Not to say that all things are “good”. There are terrible things out there and since most terrible things are disliked, we’ve now made the connection that if we dislike it, it must be bad. Not the case. Don’t make it so personal. The visceral reaction isn’t the reaction you want to go into all forms of entertainment with. LMFAO shouldn’t win album of the year at the Grammy’s but they’re not bad….at what they do.

I guess this short rant is kind of a calling out all those who right things off as bad, or stupid because it’s the quicker way to say “This just doesn’t do it for me”. Hey, I don’t like pie, but I’ll never go on record and say pie is bad for fear that I’ll be stoned to death. I just don’t like cooked fruit and that’s my hang up. Pie can’t help what it is, and it’s not trying to be anything else. Who am I to judge it on merits it’s not even really supposed to have? Hey, I guess that form of thinking is just too progressive for some, and to them I say “That’s stupid”….See, bet they didn’t like that very much did they. Oh you hypothetical people, when will you learn.


Carpe Diem Kids….