32: Mountaintop Shout

This one’s gonna be a little different folks. Took a few months off to get things straight, and over that time a lot has been on my mind. A few different topics are going to get touched here as kind of a purging of thoughts and ideas. So with that said, let’s take this trip together.

First off, the family you choose can be the greatest asset in life. I call some of my cousins my brothers and sisters. They’re my best friends and in the best possible ways remind me of who I am. That goes for my closest friends too. Too many people are basing their “friendship” on a number on the side of a screen. Yes, you’ve met almost a thousand people but they are not all your friends. Not in the sense we all need anyway; The ones who can pick you up when you’re down, or better yet the ones who’ll call you out for being a complete jerk from time to time. Both sides of that coin are equally important. We lose sight of that when all we receive from our virtual friendship are likes and smiley faced comments. It’ll always hurt when the ones you truly care about tell you something you don’t want to hear, but we’re usually better for it. Why? Because if they’re truly the family you choose they only want you to better yourself, or at least not be a douche. I still feel a sting when I think about some people I don’t talk to anymore for reasons big or small. Mostly because I remember why we linked up in the first place. It’s not mooching if it’s mutual, and it’s not real help if you expect something in return. Hell, even waiting for a “thank you” can be a bit presumptuous. We could all get by with a little help from our friends, and the better ones we have, the better REAL help we’ll get. Case in point, my new house is awesome. Thanks Friends.


Second. Stop taking everything so damned personally. We have gotten very sensitive, and I don’t mean that in the intuitive way that people associate with the word. A disagreement is not a drawing of arms or somebody revealing their true feelings about you. Maybe they just don’t agree with your taste in music. Get over it and focus more on what you do agree on. Also, there are things called isolated incidents. Sadly people like to let their emotions rollover like minutes on a cell phone plan. This never ends well and usually brings unwarranted tension to otherwise harmless situations. If you have an argument about politics or something slightly above trivial leave it there, that conversation has no real business or connection to the who forgot to call whom the next day. I don’t like Twilight. No big secret there. But every once in a while, I meet someone who doesn’t know that about me. And boy do they get all up in arms in a very personal way in defense of the series. In short, the person never really defends Twilight in any real way, they more validate why they like it and why they shouldn’t be judged for it. Problem is, I never judged them for it, I judged the series. I do believe that you should never have to explain why you love the things you do, but should at least be able to. Seeing the world past the front of your own face is a key component here. As I’ve said before, our digital reliance on instant gratification and positive feedback has made us the all important wizard in our own world, and we carry that sentiment around with us everywhere. The world keeps moving, and things happen with or without your thought, feelings or influence. Get used to it. So while I do think twilight sucks, that does not mean I think that you suck. Unless you try to convince me that its good literature or film. In which case, get the hell away from me.


This one is short. If you aren’t basing your opinions off of multiple sources in this time, you are part of the problem. Between facebook, twitter, Wikipedia, Fox News, CNN, Daily Show, Cobert, and various other sources. There is a barrage of info coming at us all at once. They’re all  trying to get our attention, and the need for numbers has overtaken the need to inform the people for a lot of sources. Case in point; Fox News. Stories have more than the fabled “two sides” and but still only one truth. There is what happened and what people will try to convince you of. Hell that’s why eye witness testimony has been proven to be unreliable over time. Once we filter and apply biases, the sure thing we thought was truth can be written off. No one source can be trusted when dollars supersede truth.


Your plan is flawed. There is no one way through life, and our entire existence comes almost from happenstance and luck. I’m not saying not to work for things, but keep in mind that anything can happen and probably will. The more you think your strict plans are more than guidelines things will go astray and cause more damage. I’m not where I thought I would be 5 years ago but by no means is that a bad thing. I have a good roof over my head, great people around me, and I’m happy. Society and their constraints can be damned. We’ve only got one life to live and a million ways to do it. I like those odds.


Men and Women are different. Neither group is complicated, and both generally want the same thing; to not be alone. It’s the courses they take to get to there vary, and here’s a shocker, it can even differ for person to person within the gender. So ladies, if you’re worried about how much the guy you like dates around, keep in mind the same things that attracted you to him are probably attracting other girls. It doesn’t make them sluts or whores because frankly, that other girl is saying the same thing about you, when you both should be targeting that anger at him. Guys, women want to be respected. I know it sounds crazy, but bear with me for a second. Imagine a relationship where you’re actually friends with a girl as well as lovers and not this one dimensional caricature of what people think a relationship should be. On this same note, keep separate interests. Stay in touch with your friends and maintain  a life of your own so that when you come back to your partner (yes partner, that’s what every couple should be) you’ll actually have something worth a damn to say. Things will stay fresh and you’ll be able to better grow together as you continue to grow separately.

Wow, this is nowhere near done. Looks like we got ourselves a two parter.

To be continued….


Carpe Diem Kids.


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