24: Karmic Sucker Punch

You’re riding high on life. Your relationships are going well, maybe you have some money in the bank and the bills are paid, even your favorite TV episodes are playing lately. Nothing could go wrong; until one thing does, and then another and still another. It’s not only raining, its pouring and your umbrella just folded in half on you. “What the hell just happened?” you may ask. Well, if you believe in universal balance or Karma, then you have just suffered a “Karmic Sucker Punch”, (I used to call it something else, but being the progressive gent I am, the name has been changed). Yes, karma loosely means that what you do will eventually come back to you; good or bad, but sometimes it’s delayed or even undeserved. And in those cases, it’s really just the world balancing out the numbers. So, while you may be walking on sunshine one week, next week you could be trapped in a glass case of emotion almost out of nowhere.

I’ve covered this “phenomenon” somewhat in my own life (State of Mined Vol. 3), but at the time details were limited. I used the term more to describe my terrible luck. How I always seemed to get the worst of a situation dumped on me all at once, as if some cosmic force was trying to make a point to me and only me. Small example; every Thanksgiving for more than 10 years, I would get sick. Not the flu or anything, but just enough so I couldn’t really taste anything day one, and didn’t have enough energy to do anything with my family. To tie things to a more recent timeline, for the better part of the Fall season life was going pretty frickin well for me. I didn’t have to budget my life down to the nearest cent, I’d lost the equivalent of a 2nd grader in weight, having great times with better friends, and I’d gone about 2 months without butchering my shape up(yes that’s a big deal). A slew of other good things were happening too, and I’d almost forgotten about the Sucker Punch. It’d taken so long this time that I’d got too comfortable. Now for the better part of 2 weeks, the punches kept coming. I could roll with the first few but damn if Karma isn’t persistent when trying to make a point. I’m taking losses left and right, nothing major, but you do enough small damage to anything it adds up. The worst part is, I know it’s gonna keep on coming. Like I said, it’s about balance and I’ve been coasting for a few months now. So unless there’s a reset coming soon, a lot of my texts are going to end in sad faces, and some status updates might sound like My Chemical Romance lyrics.

I try not to dwell on the why me aspect of these situations, because in all honesty, this sort of thing is necessary. It rains on the just and unjust alike you just notice it more when you’re not wearing a coat. I know people who get hit with bills all at once, then their cars crap out; Sucker Punch. Lose their jobs, then their gf/bf; Sucker Punch. Cut the bottom of their foot right before they have to take a long walk somewhere; Sucker Punch. I’m sure everyone has their own example to draw from, and at the time they all seemed like the end of the world. Some key things to notice though, you made it through, and it’s not only you. It was just your turn in the rotation. Take the licking and keep on ticking. Just remember, the higher you were before hand, the lower you’ll feel when life tries to knock you down a bit.

My State of Mined is “expectant”. I can never truly plan for or avoid these things. I just know it’s my lot in life to catch a swift one to the face every now and again. People sometimes say, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” I guess that’s true, but its daylight savings and it’s dark for a really long time. It can wear down on you. Keep your guard up kids, Karma fights evenly dirty.

Carpe Diem


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